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We make it possible to respect 

privacy and personal integrity




When GDPR took effect, the 25th of May 2018, the same rules applies to all personal data, even if it occurs in previously unregulated and unstructured data sources.

Each document and email that the organization possesses must therefore be reviewed to determine if it contains personal data.

If they do, a legal assessment must be conducted to identify the legal ground for saving it, and this assessment must also be documented.

This review, assessment and documentation will take at least ten years of work – per terabyte.

The amount of work has led most organizations not to address the problem at all, and no tools have existed on the market to manage the problem.

Until now.



Aigine scans all data sources and filters out documents containing personal data. Therefor your resources do not have to read documents that do not need reviewing.


Aigine uses AI to suggest legal grounds for saving information and contains a contextual knowledge database to help your resources determine if the suggestion is correct. This makes the assessment faster, but it also means that the task can be performed by resources without legal education.


Aigine presents documents with suspected personal data highlighted. This make the actual reviewing much quicker.


Aigine contains a smart, digital form where the legal grounds are documented directly. This means that time is saved when no further documentation is needed elsewhere.

Everyone trains. Everyone benefits from enhanced cognitive abilities

Aigine revolutionizes how AI is used by the invention of collaborative cognitive learning. By creating the code needed for training the AI locally we make sure no information ever leaves your environment. In that way, your actual work is used to continuously improving the performance of the AI. These sharpened cognitive abilities are delivered to all users; by better filtration, better highlighting and better proposals for legal assessments.


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Please contact your ordinary IBM-reseller if you want to know more.

Aigine is a pre-packaged solution containing software from IBM, Elinar and Aigine. We are keen on you getting started as soon as possible so the local installation will only take a couple of hours.

Because we think it is more important that you use your time to handle your unstructured personal data, instead of governing a complex IT-project. Aigine is provided through IBM’s vendor network world wide.