GDPR places great demands on how companies handle and store personal data. With the whitewash up to EUR 20 million or four percent of the Group’s turnover, many companies have already gained control over the personal data in their operating systems. To meet the requirements and meet the next wave of supervision, tools and procedures are now required that give the same control for personal data stored in files and e-mails.

  • Aigine’s solution takes a holistic approach to personal data in files and emails

  • Advanced technology makes it possible to identify personal data according to the GDPR’s broad definition

  • With the help of AI, even large amounts of data can be handled without neglect

  • Provides a natural, constant development of skills in data protection issues

  • The solution is delivered pre-packaged and ensures that no personal data leaves the customer’s environment

  • Aigine’s solution is based on proven technologies and software

  • Delivered and implemented by leading IT service provider

  • Manual work is reduced by at least 97% and performance is constantly increasing

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