Webinar about Aigine, GDPR and artificial intelligence with IBM

IBM is one of our most important partners, and we are thrilled to invite you to a number of webinars together with them, where we talk Aigine, GDPR and artificial intelligence. The webinars will be [...]

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Aigine on IBM Think in Oslo 22th November

Where technology meets humanity. Humans are no longer the only one that can think and reason. Already today we have technology that can understand, reason and give propositions to take actions. Its when humans and [...]

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Aigine on Internetdagarna 19-20 November in Stockholm

Internetdagarna is the most important Swedish meetup for everyone that loves internet. For the 19th year in a row, thousands of professionals meet to be inspired, learn and socialize. Aigine will be there and talk [...]

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Aigine contributes on AI & Digital Business 2018 in Helsinki 14th of November

Artificial intelligence has become one of the most significant technological developments in business. It’s a general-purpose technology which is a fundamental driver of economical growth, such as steam and combustion engines were at their time. [...]

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Aigine at Dagar om Lagar in Gothenburg 8-9 November

The conference Dagar om Lagar is arranged by the Swedish association for medical informatics. Only the most reputed speakers are invited. Aigine is there to talk GDPR, medical records and the possibilities collaborative cognitive learning [...]

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Aigine talks RegTech at Norrsken house in Stockholm 8th November

RegTech, Regulatory Technology, is the usage of innovative systems to comply to legal obligations. Aigine will be there together with other successful RegTech companies, to talk about challenges and opportunities. You find us at Norrsken [...]

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Aigine is speaking at eFörvaltningsdagarna 10-11 Oktober 2018 in Stockholm

eFörvaltningsdagarna is Swedens largest conference about e-governance and digital transformation. Aigine is of course there and tells the story about the journey from idea to deliverable solution and how collaborative cognitive learning is used to [...]

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