About contextual challenges at IBM Think, 3rd Oct, Stockholm

Since the beginning of telecommunication, there has been a mismatch between how the service is billed, and the value the customer gets from it. Measuring the number of minutes for the call’s duration does not [...]

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Meet us @ Nordic Legal Tech Day 19th of September

In Aigine, we are using collaborative cognitive learning to train the AI to both identify and categorize personal data within documents, but we also train the AI to take legal decisions according to article 6 [...]

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Video: Presentation of the GUI of Aigine

The good thing. The work needed to perform a personal data inventory is reduced with more than 97% by combining artificial intelligence, modern workflow and an intuitive user experience. At the same time, data subject [...]

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Fingers crossed – Aigine nominated to Beacon Award

Aigine has been nominated for the IBM Beacon Awards as an “Outstanding Analytics Embeded Solution”. Besides being flattered, and when looking at the criteria for winning the award, we are even moderately hopeful of at [...]

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Don´t miss us at IBM Think in San Francisco 12-15 February

We are thrilled to announce our presence at the conference of the year, IBM Think in San Francisco 12-15 February. Privacy is a (surprisingly) new challenge, and we are proud to have been invited as [...]

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Webinar about Aigine, GDPR and artificial intelligence with IBM

IBM is one of our most important partners, and we are thrilled to invite you to a number of webinars together with them, where we talk Aigine, GDPR and artificial intelligence. The webinars will be [...]

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