The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone’s lives, and unfortunately its impact seems to extend to our lives and economies long after the virus itself has been put under control.

In order to save lives, unburden our health care, and help our economy, Aigine partnered up with an excellent team of professionals from and MyData Sweden to take part in Hack the crisis, a global initiative to use technology to solve the crisis.

The team concluded that manual contact tracing is so un-efficient, that societies must lock everyone in, whether they are in real risk of both getting or spreading the disease themselves. Furthermore, COVID-19 have many infected without symptoms, and these people have difficulties following government instructions simply because they do not know they are spreading the disease.

In order to solve these problems, a high granularity automated contact tracing, also back in time, is needed, paired with personalized alerts and recommendations.

The good part is that this data already exists in databases owned by your network operator and companies like Google and Facebook.

The problem is that the usage of these data is very limited under privacy regulations, since using it may have a negative impact on your personal integrity.

These problems are solved by, where we are respecting these strict privacy rules by gathering explicit consent, that can be revoked, and authorization to conduct data subject requests on behalf of the individual towards various data owners.

“We call this data-altruism

This makes it possible for individuals to use the rights given to them by GDPR and contribute in the battle to save lives and economic activities. We call this data-altruism.

To further strengthen the privacy of everyone, we only use data relevant for contact tracing, and we use a federated model where personal location data never leaves a person’s smart phone.

We are thrilled to be awarded second place, in a competition consisting of over 7000 hackers and 530 teams.

We now have an open source MVP and are calling for everyone to join us in our efforts to both use existing location data, and protect privacy, to battle COVID-19.


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